Wednesday, April 26, 2017

re-purposing junk...

Years ago I knew someone who would annually empty the contents of her house onto the curb for anyone to rummage through, and take what they wanted to. Then she'd start over. In a years time her house was full with things others had given to her, and she repeated the "annual emptying". While I love this idea hugely, I don't see myself ever going to quite that extent. I don't exactly have the trust level she did, but also some of the things I have are needed on a daily or ongoing basis. I definitely am not recommending this, but it was something that continues to amaze me every time I remember it, which I did this morning.

I know that many people place things on the curb for others to find and make use of. I do it myself on occasion. Mostly I offer things on craigslist for free, or donate to a non-profit (not Goodwill - they're for profit and mean to their employees) thrift store.

I don't know exactly HOW this is so, but finding useful junk is in my bones. I loved digging around in the town dump when I was growing up, and my current version of this is seeing what I find on my morning walks around my neighborhood. This may be an addiction, but some how also fueled by my love of the planet, and love of re-purposing things, and wise/responsible use of resources. I'm sure if we ever run out of resources the "gods" will provide other resources (that's what they do) but in the meantime, I do my (self-imposed) part.
(Sold 5-9-17) 20 sheet, handmade paper, art/dream journal

handmade paper art/dream journal - full frontal view
 The bookmark used to embellish the front of the journal was found on the curb.

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