Saturday, April 29, 2017

these bones will rise again...

Last week while out on my morning walk I came across a trunk on the curb that had personal effects and the cremains of a person in it. The cremains were still in the box from the crematorium. All morning this was kinda heavy on my mind. It didn't feel like the right thing to just allow those things to go to the landfill on trash day. So, at noon I got in the car, and brought the trunk home. After sorting through it all I had a better picture of who the cremains had been and why they were on the curb. I did an online search for the person to try to find relatives or people who might want the cremains, without any luck. There were also cremains from a beloved kitty, as well as a hair sample and even dried cat poop. I love my cats but to save that kind of memorabilia had never occurred to me. But, I learn new things about humans every day!

This morning I mixed the cremains into composted materials from my own household and yard waste, a soil/cow manure mix from Home Depot, and peat moss. The plan is to use this soil combo for the Louis Philippe roses that I propogate year round. Kalye, know this...your bones will rise again, in beautiful form and unravished by cancer.
~( )~
Louis Philippe Roses

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